Spéciale Tsarskaya Oyster

Spéciale Tsarskaya Oyster

Packaging: BOX OF 3 KG

Spéciale Tsarskaya Oyster pay tribute to the Russian Tsars who first imported oysters from Brittany. They are high-quality oysters matured for 3 to 6 months by the sea, with a powerful and iodized flavor and a sweet taste with hints of almond milk. The Spéciale Tsarskaya Oyster is matured in Cancale and have a typical salty and iodized flavor from Normandy. They have a meaty and firm texture that makes them easily recognizable and adds to their unique character.


Spéciale Tsarskaya Oysters are a tribute to the Russian Tsars who were the first to import oysters from Brittany. These oysters are of superior quality, matured for 3 to 6 months by the sea, and have a powerful, iodized flavor with a sweet, almost sugary taste and notes of almond milk as you bite into the meat. The Spéciale Tsarskaya Oyster is matured in Cancale and has a distinctive salty and iodized flavor that is typical of its Normandy origin. Its meaty and firm texture makes it easily recognizable and adds to its unique character.

History of Parcs Saint-Kerber:

Parcs Saint-Kerber is a French oyster farm located in Cancale, Brittany. They are known for their high-quality oysters that have won numerous awards, including gold medals for their Fine Saint Kerber and Tsarskaya oysters in 2017. They also have a range of organic oysters that are fully traceable and sustainably managed. Maison Saint Kerber is committed to respecting the environment and reducing waste.


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Data sheet

Product Family
Latin Name
crassostrea gigas
Sweet, iodine and hazelnut
Pink shell, white flesh