Packaging: BOX OF 500 GR

Coulommiers, Laetitia Gaborit selection.

Origin of the Product: Coulommiers was originally developed to solve the problem of transporting certain large Bries weakened by their size. These cheeses are then redesigned to become smaller. It bears the name of a city of Seine-et-Marne, cradle of the department of its origin. Coulommiers is also called "small brie".

History of the Producer: Created in 1922 by Etienne Dongé, the Dongé cheese dairy was born in the heart of the village of Cousances-lès-Triconville. Coulommiers Dongé has a pale yellow color and shiny, smooth and runny under the rind and sometimes firmer in the middle. On the nose, it has a smell of fresh mushroom associated with scents of cream and milk.

Selection of Laëtitia Gaborit: A non-appellation cheese, it nonetheless resides a real know-how. Accessible by its size, it is an easy format to work with for a restaurateur. I appreciate its creamy heart, and although it can be a little firm at times, the paste remains soft in the mouth. Its manufacture allows it to be a pleasant cheese at all stages of ripening.


Data sheet

Soft cheese with a bloomy rind
Mushroom and creame
Cow Milk
3 weeks
Grand Est