Galet Bleuté

Packaging: BOX OF 60 GR

Galet Bleuté, Laetitia Gaborit selection.

Origin of the Product: The bluish galet is a raw milk goat cheese matured by Dubois Boulay. Its particularity is to be refined in the same cellars that the farmer Chavignol AOP located in the Cher. On tasting, we find the typical signature of the refiner with a slight goat character. Its format provides a smoother and smoother texture than a Chavignol AOP.

History of the producer: The Dubois Boulay cheese dairy is located in Chavignol, a small village nestled in the vineyards of Sancerrois. She cultivates the art of maturing for several generations, it has been a family affair. the work begins with salting, a key step in developing ability to produce penicillium. The Bluish Pebble is refined bluish in the cellar for 30 days according to exceptional know-how cultivated since 1896 to give it this incomparable flavor.

Selection of Laëtitia Gaborit: I have known this producer for several years for his work on the chavignol. The bluish pebble has pleasantly me surprise during the tasting and denotes another goat. This little piece provides a melting texture, lactic. This cheese has no name but I think it deserves to be put in before on your trays in order to bring a touch of originality.


Data sheet

Soft cheese with a bloomy rind
Goat Milk
21 days