Pineapple Sugarloaf

Pineapple Sugarloaf CAT 7

Packaging: BOX OF 12 KG

Pineapple Sugarleaf CAT 7

Sugarloaf pineapples are cylindrical in shape. Their thin and waxy rind is tough, yet somewhat softer than most other pineapple varieties, and it will remain a vibrant green color even when ripe, with golden yellow to orange tones at the centers of its hexagonal segments. Sugarloaf pineapples are topped with a tight grouping of smooth, stiff, pointed-tipped leaves, and their rind is covered in small, soft spikes. Their white flesh is extremely juicy with a floral aroma and a creamy, non-stringy texture. The flavor is exceedingly sweet with hints of honey, and almost no acidity. The edible core is just as sweet to the taste, and unlike other varieties, it is not woody or fibrous.