Balik Salmon Fillet Tsar Nikolaj 4 Two

Packaging: BOX OF 320 GR

Balik Salmon Fillet Tsar Nikolaj 4 Two

Balik Fillet Tsar Nikolaj is a classic of Balik farm. Its exceptional quality, issued from a carefully selected from the back of the salmon from Norwegian fjords. The logs used for smoking the fillet have been stored at the farm for more than 10 years, which are then used in the oven that was built in 1978. As pure water is of the utmost importance in Balik production, the farm uses its own sources, particularly rich in minerals. The Balik Farm team of experts keeps the secret of the composition and temperature inside the smokehouse, to produce in limited quantities the unique Balik Fillet Tsar Nikolaj. This product has the perfect size for 2 persons.


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Product Family
Latin Name
salmo salar
300 - 400 gr