All Uses Flour T55

Packaging: BOX OF 10 KG

All Uses Flour T55, METRO Chef selection.

These 100% French and 100% responsible flours come from the "Committed to the future" approach which revolves around 4 axes:

- Transparency guaranteed by full traceability from the wheat plot to the customer.

- A responsible production method that aims to preserve biodiversity, reduce the use of pesticides, optimize the use of fertilizers to protect the soil and ban post-harvest treatment of wheat.

- Rational management of resources at all stages of production. Limited use of water, preservation of natural water points, waste and energy management, nothing is left to chance!

- Support for producers with the establishment of multi-year contracts allowing these committed producers to invest in the long term and to approach the future more calmly.

- By purchasing this product, you are choosing to support committed producers and offer your customers responsible products.


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