Raspberry Blended Yoghurt

Raspberry Blended Yoghurt

Packaging: BOX OF 6 JARS X 180 GR

The Raspberry Blended Yoghurt is made from whole milk yogurt of the day, raspberry, product by la Ferme du Peuplier in Normandy.

The Raspberry Blended Yoghurt is made of whole milk of the day, mixed Yoghurts offers a big size for everyone's needs. Those mixed Yoghurts will delight everybody with their sweetness and tasty flavors.

La Ferme des Peupliers is a charming farm nestled in the heart of a picturesque landscape. Located in the lush valley, this family-owned farm has been preserving a legacy of rural traditions and a deep love for nature for generations.

The vast fields, carefully cultivated, are abundant with healthy and flavorful crops, while the contented animals grazing in the meadows provide rich and creamy milk.

La Ferme des Peupliers offers a wide selection of artisanal yogurt, desserts, creams, and dairy products. Each item is crafted with care using the finest ingredients from the farm, ensuring the highest quality and delectable flavors.

Classic Fine Foods have selected for you an offer of French, local, IGP & AOP cheeses. Our aim is to offer you the best artisanal cheeses with a great diversity of flavors and textures. Grace your tables or enhance your recipes with butter from the best artisans. Don’t forget accompaniments and kitchen essentials to cover all your needs in cheeses, creams, butters, and farm eggs. We also offer a selection of yogurts.

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Cow Milk
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Collège culinaire de France, Médaille d'argent Paris 2018