Cèpes Porcini

Porcini / Cèpes

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Cèpes Porcini, 3/5 cm

The cep is a wild mushroom also known as boletus (from the Latin Boletus).

The cèpe Porcini is an essential wild mushroom particularly coveted by gourmets at the arrival of autumn. Tasty, it is also the most appreciated wild mushroom because it has a very particular and pleasant taste of hazelnut.

Depending on the variety, the cep grows under different species of trees, mainly under oaks, beeches and chestnut trees. Some mountain varieties also appear under pine trees.

Porcini can be prepared in various ways in the kitchen. The cep can be cooked in a cream sauce that will accompany many meats (game, poultry).

Porcini mushrooms can be transformed into a delicious soup or just fried or grilled as a simple complement to pasta, rice or vegetables.


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