Black Fig Solliès

Black Fig Solliès

Packaging: BOX OF 3 KG

Black Fig Balliès production area is located in the beautiful department of VAR (Provence), a few miles from the Mediterranean Sea.

The fresh Black Figs of Solliès, of the variety Bourjassotte black are in the shape of crushed water drop, of color purple to black ribbed. They are dense, firm and supple.

The skin is thin, pale green, the pulp is fleshy, strawberry jam color with many fine and beige seeds. The aroma is elegant, not very intense with vegetal and fruity notes of watermelon, white melon, strawberry and other red fruits.

The taste is characteristically acidic and sweet, crunchy and then melting, with intense vegetal and fruity aromas and floral notes. They have a high sugar content, due to the presence of a warm Mediterranean climate with average humidity.


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