Lemon Caviar

Lemon Caviar - Bachès

Packaging: BOX OF 1 KG

Lemon Caviar, Bachès selection.

Bachès Introduction: Take the sunniest village in France, set it in a blessed terroir at the foot of Mount Canigou, then add to the decor the expertise of two agronomists with a passion for nature and wide open spaces. 

Cultivate, in this southern Eden, fruits with formidable hybridization capacities and deliver to chefs a unique and infinite aromatic palette. 

The taste of lemon in a unique way. Lemon caviar is a variety also called finger lime. When being eaten the little spheres or "caviar" on the inside of the fruit pop up and let you discover a refreshing citrus aroma. This variety of Lemon Caviar is green on the outside and in the inside. 


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