Bresse Female Chicken Eviscerates, Miéral selection.

Bresse Female Chicken

Bresse Female Chicken Eviscerates, Miéral selection.

This Bresse Female Chicken is farmed free range for a longer period than the ‘’Poulette’’ (4 to 5 months).

Then it stays 15 to 30 days in fattening coop.

Its egg chain is developped and it starts to lay. Its flesh is tender, fat and tasty.

Hatching of 2 eggs always give a male and a female.

Females become ‘’Poulette’’ then ‘’Poularde’’ at around 18/20 weeks. Then it will become a laying hen if left longer.

The transitions between ‘’Poulette’’ and ‘’Poularde’’ vary regarding climate and season.

A ‘’Poularde’’ can quickly become a laying hen which will affect the tenderness and the taste in the plate.

Few talented breeders have the expertise to anticipate and control these complicate transitions.

The food for ‘’Poularde’’ is exactly the same as for male chicken but its fattening process is longer and we slaughter it after 20 weeks.

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