Wild Boar Shoulder Bone Out

Wild Boar Shoulder

Packaging: BOX OF 4 PCS

Wild Boar Shoulder Bone Out, Le Gue'lier.

Explore the rich and hearty taste of our Wild Boar Shoulder (Bone-Out), sourced from the untamed wilderness and expertly prepared for your culinary enjoyment. This premium cut offers succulent and tender meat, with a distinct wild flavor that embodies the essence of the great outdoors. 

Crafted with meticulous care, our Wild Boar Shoulder (Bone-Out) is a true treasure for adventurous cooks and gourmet enthusiasts alike. Whether slow-cooked to perfection or marinated with aromatic spices, this exquisite cut promises to elevate your dining experience.

Discover the essence of wild game with our Wild Boar Shoulder (Bone-Out) and relish in the natural flavors and culinary allure of this exceptional delicacy.

We work with meat and poultry farmers, carefully selected with respect to animal welfare compliance and the highest quality of feeding process. You will find a selection of certified, matured and cured meats. Discover a full selection of meat and poultry.

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