Pack of Smoked Salmon from Norway

Smoked Salmon from Norway

Packaging: PACK OF 1,2 - 2,2 KG

The Smoked Salmon from Norway by Kaviari is a premium delicacy that offers a delicate texture, subtle smokiness, and a clean taste that seafood lovers will appreciate. Sourced from the cold and pristine waters of Norway, the salmon is smoked with beech wood, adding a wood smoke flavor that complements the natural sweetness of the fish. Its orange-pink hue and marbling of fat throughout the flesh add to its rich flavor profile, while its fresh, briny scent takes you on a journey to the ocean. Whether served on its own, with blinis, or incorporated into dishes, the Smoked Salmon from Norway is a versatile ingredient that will enhance any meal. 

Smoked Salmon from Norway by Kaviari is a luxurious delicacy that will please the most discerning of seafood palates. This salmon is carefully selected from the cold and pristine waters of Norway and smoked with beech wood. The result is a salmon with firm flesh and a delicate texture that is enhanced by the wood smoke flavor. The color of the salmon is a beautiful orange-pink hue with a subtle marbling of fat throughout, which adds to its rich flavor profile. The aroma of the Smoked Salmon from Norway is enticing, with a hint of smokiness and a fresh, briny scent that transports you straight to the ocean. This salmon has a pure, clean taste that is perfectly balanced, with the natural sweetness of the fish blending harmoniously with the wood smoke flavor. This Smoked Salmon from Norway is an excellent choice to enjoy on its own, served with blinis or incorporated into various dishes to add depth and complexity to any meal.


This smoked salmon can be enjoyed on its own, sliced thinly and served as an appetizer, or used as a versatile ingredient in various recipes such as pasta dishes, salads, and sandwiches. Its delicate flavor pairs perfectly with creamy cheese, tangy fruits, and crisp vegetables. The rich, smoky flavor of the salmon also complements cream cheese, avocado, and capers. Additionally, it can be served with a side of pickled vegetables or a refreshing cucumber salad. The possibilities are endless with this versatile and flavorful smoked salmon.

The Smoked Salmon from Norway by Kaviari is a premium product that is sure to impress any seafood lover.


Available in pack of 1,2 - 2,2 kg

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