Orange Tobiko

Orange Tobiko - Flying Fish Roes

Packaging: BOX OF 12 PCS X 70 GR

Orange tobiko is a type of caviar made from the roe of flying fish that has been flavored and colored with natural ingredients to give it a bright orange color. It has a mild, sweet flavor and a crunchy texture, and is commonly used as a garnish or topping for sushi and other Japanese dishes to provide a pop of color and texture.

Orange tobiko is a type of caviar made from the roe of flying fish. It has a distinctive bright orange color Orange Tobiko has a mild, sweet flavor and a crunchy texture. The flavor of orange tobiko is mild and slightly sweet, with a slightly briny taste that is characteristic of caviar. Its texture is crunchy and satisfying, providing a nice burst of flavor in each bite. 

History of Orange Tobiko:

Tobiko is a type of caviar that comes from the roe of flying fish. Flying fish are a group of oceanic fishes that are known for their ability to "fly" out of the water using their long, wing-like pectoral fins. These fish are found in many parts of the world, including Japan, which is where tobiko caviar originated.

The roe of flying fish is harvested and then processed with different ingredients and flavorings to create various types of tobiko caviar. The roe is first rinsed and then salted to preserve it. After that, it is mixed with flavorings and coloring agents, to give it its unique flavor and bright orange color.

History of Kaviari:

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Orange tobiko is commonly used as a garnish or topping for sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese dishes. Its bright orange color adds a pop of color to dishes and its small size and crunchy texture provide a nice contrast to the soft texture of sushi rice or the tender texture of sashimi. It is also used as an ingredient in Japanese fusion cuisine, such as in sushi rolls that combine traditional Japanese flavors with other international ingredients.


Available in box of 12 PCS X 70 gr

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