Jar of Balik Pearls

Balik Pearls

Packaging: JAR OF 100 GR

Balik pearls are fresh alaskan salmon roe which are salted and lightly pasteurized. 

Balik pearls are fresh alaskan salmon roe which have a delicate salty taste. Once in the mouth, each roe pop to reveal a marine sensation that brings you on an immediate trip to the open sea. 

History of Balik:

Considered to be one of the best smoked salmon. Balik is characterised by an ancestral know-how developed from a recipe that is over 100 years old. By choosing Balik, you ensure an authentic culinary experience. The harmony between salmon, salt and smoke gives Balik salmon a unique taste that has established itself as the number one on the global market. 


These delicious pearls are the perfect fit for delicious canapés. Delicately place them on a plain blini and enjoy. Balik pearls pair well with dry white whine or Champagne. 


Comes in a jar of 100gr

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