Medium Cooked Grey Shrimp

Medium Cooked Grey Shrimp

Packaging: BOX OF 1 KG

The Medium Cooked Grey Shrimp is a true delicacy that comes straight from the cold, clear waters. Famous for its delicacy and refined taste, this shrimp is a must for seafood lovers. Rigorously selected and carefully cooked to preserve all of its natural flavor, this gray shrimp offers a most pleasurable taste experience.

Medium Cooked Grey Shrimp comes in the form of a miniature sea treasure. Its thin, translucent shell is an elegant shade of gray, revealing the freshness and quality of this delicate crustacean. Small in size, this shrimp is distinguished by its slightly curved shape, which gives it a charming appeal.

On the palate, the Medium Cooked Grey Shrimp reveals all its splendor. Its flesh is both tender and firm, melting in the mouth with a slight resistance under the tooth. Its sweet, slightly iodized flavor is a true tribute to the ocean, instantly transporting you to the most pristine seashores. Each bite offers an explosion of authentic marine flavors that will delight the most discerning seafood lovers.

Medium Cooked Grey Shrimp is the perfect marriage between the subtlety of its gray hues and the finesse of its flavors. It's a true feast for the senses, a symphony of flavors that celebrates the richness of the oceans.


Medium cooked shrimp is a versatile ingredient that can be adapted to a variety of culinary preparations. Thanks to its small size and delicate flavor, it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Stirred into risotto, grilled on a skewer...


Available in case of 1 KG.

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