Blue Lobster Head

Blue Lobster Head

Packaging: BOX OF 5 KG

The blue lobster head is a culinary treasure from the depths of the ocean. This distinctive part of the blue lobster, known for its remarkable bluish hue, is a delicacy prized by gourmets in search of a refined taste experience.

With its tender, flavorful meat, the blue lobster head offers a captivating ocean fragrance, combined with delicate flavors that enchant the most discerning palates. Ready to be cooked according to your desires, this choice piece will bring a touch of sophistication to your most festive meals.

The blue lobster head is an eye-catching culinary masterpiece, with its striking appearance and unique flavors. Recognizable by its bluish shell, this part of the lobster reveals a delicate white flesh that's delicious to savor.

When you taste the Blue Lobster Head, you'll be transported by an exceptional taste experience. Its subtly sweet flesh is imbued with a hint of saltiness that evokes the depths of the ocean. Each mouthful is a true culinary journey, revealing the rich marine flavors and finesse of blue lobster.

History of 5DO:

5DO is a Breton company that helps chefs around the world create innovative gastronomy around blue lobster, shellfish and crustaceans.

By providing raw seafood meat of "as-from-water" quality, thanks to its unique know-how combining cold shelling and cryogenics.


Refined broth: Use Blue Lobster Head to prepare a fragrant broth by simmering it with vegetables, spices and herbs, which will serve as a base for your seafood recipes.

Savory sauce: Blue lobster heads are the perfect ingredient for a delicate sauce to accompany your fish or shellfish dishes.

Lobster à l'armoricaine: Prepare a lobster à l'armoricaine by cooking the head in a delicious sauce made from tomatoes, shallots, garlic, cognac and white wine.

Refined fumet: Use the blue lobster head to prepare a fragrant fumet, ideal for enriching your culinary preparations.


Available in case of 5 KG.

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Data sheet

- 18°C
Product Family
Latin Name
Locustam marinam
Flavour is the same as if it were fresh