Canadian Lobster Head

Canadian Lobster Head

Packaging: BOX OF 5 KG

Canadian lobster head is a delicacy from the cold, crystal clear waters off the coast of Canada. This iconic crustacean is known for its tasty, tender meat, and the head of the lobster is particularly prized for its rich flavor. Carefully selected for freshness and quality, Canadian lobster heads offer an authentic culinary experience rich in marine aromas and flavors. 

The Canadian lobster head is a visual and culinary marvel. Its sturdy, elegant exoskeleton is tinted with reddish-brown hues that evoke the colors of Canadian autumn. Claws, antennae and eyes add to the authenticity of this marine delicacy. Inside, the delicate white meat of the lobster reveals its unparalleled tenderness.

In the mouth, the Canadian lobster head offers a symphony of marine flavors. Its soft, slightly salty meat has delicate iodine notes that evoke the freshness of the ocean. Canadian lobster also offers a subtle sweetness that reflects the exceptional quality of its meat. Each bite is a refined pleasure where marine flavors meet elegant sweetness to delight the palate.

History of 5DO:

5DO is a Breton company that helps chefs around the world to create innovative gastronomy around blue lobster, shellfish and crustaceans.

By providing raw seafood meat of a quality "as it comes out of the water", thanks to its unique know-how combining cold shelling and cryogenization.


Available in case of 5KG.

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Product Family
Latin Name
Locustam marinam
Flavour is the same as if it were fresh
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