Langoustine Head

Langoustine Head

Packaging: BOX OF 4 KG

The langoustine head is a culinary delight, embodying the richness and delicacy of the sea. Sourced from the purest, most unspoiled waters, this part of the langoustine is a treasure sought after by fine gourmets. The langoustine head offers a unique taste experience, subtly combining intense marine aromas with exquisite texture.

The langoustine head is a culinary masterpiece that marvels at its appearance and flavors. It takes the form of a distinctive head, with bright eyes and slender antennae that bear witness to the marine life of this majestic creature. Its brown shell is a guarantee of freshness and quality.

When you taste the langoustine head, you'll be transported by an explosion of intense marine flavors. The flesh is juicy and tender, revealing both sweet and salty nuances that evoke the salty waters where it thrived.

Langoustine heads are also appreciated for their texture, both melting and firm. Its delicate consistency melts in the mouth, giving way to a refined sensation that seduces the finest palates.

History of 5DO:

5DO is a Breton company that helps chefs around the world to create innovative gastronomy around blue lobster, shellfish and crustaceans.

By providing raw seafood meat of a quality "as it comes out of the water", thanks to its unique know-how combining cold shelling and cryogenization.


Available in case of 4 KG.

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Flavour is the same as if it were fresh