Cooked Whelks

Cooked Whelks

Packaging: BOX OF 3 KG

Cooked whelks are a popular seafood in many parts of the world. Whelks are a type of marine snail found in oceans and seas around the world. They are often cooked and served as a snack or appetizer. Cooked whelks have a firm, rubbery texture and a slightly sweet and salty flavor.

Cooked whelks are delicious seashells, cooked and ready to eat. This seafood is appreciated in many parts of the world for its unique flavor, firm texture and delicate taste. Because of their careful preparation, cooked whelks offer a convenient and tasty culinary experience for seafood lovers. Their flesh, delicately seasoned during cooking, is tasty and slightly sweet, with a hint of iodine characteristic of the sea. Ready to eat as soon as they're opened, cooked whelks are a convenient and delicious seafood option for lovers of marine flavors.


They can be eaten as is, with a simple lemon sauce or mayonnaise, or incorporated into more elaborate recipes, such as seafood salads or paellas. Their firm, tender flesh blends well with a variety of ingredients and sauces, offering a wealth of culinary options.


Available in cases of 3 KG.

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