Canadian Lobster Tail And Claws Shell Off

Canadian Lobster Tail And Claws

Packaging: BOX OF 166-195 GR

Canadian Lobster Tail And Claws are an exquisite delicacy from the cold, unspoiled waters of Canada. Renowned for its exceptional quality, Canadian lobster is a culinary treasure trove appreciated by gourmets the world over. 

The tail is tender and delicate, while the claws are firmer and more flavorful. This combination of textures and flavors makes it an exceptional dish, perfect for special occasions or refined meals.

Canadian Lobster Tail And Claws are sold without shell. 

Canadian lobster tail and claws seduce with their remarkable appearance and refined flavors. The flesh of the tail is pearly white, tender and delicate, revealing slightly sweet nuances that evoke the pure waters where Canadian lobsters thrive. The claws, on the other hand, have a solid shell enclosing firmer, intensely flavorful meat.

On the palate, Canadian Lobster Tail and Claws offer a symphony of unique marine flavors. The tender flesh of the tail melts deliciously in the mouth, revealing a subtle sweetness that caresses the taste buds. The firmer claws release powerful, distinctive flavors, underscoring the authenticity of Canadian lobster.

The textures of the tail and claws are equally remarkable. The flesh of the tail is soft, while that of the claws is firm and juicy. This combination of textures creates a balanced, delicate taste experience that is truly irresistible.

History of 5DO:

5DO is a Breton company that helps chefs around the world to create innovative gastronomy around blue lobster, shellfish and crustaceans.

By providing raw seafood meat of a quality "as it comes out of the water", thanks to its unique know-how combining cold shelling and cryogenization.


Available in case of 166-195 GR.

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Product Family
Latin Name
Locustam marinam
Flavour is the same as if it were fresh
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