Goose Neck Barnacles

Goose Neck Barnacles

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Goose Neck Barnacles also known as stalked barnacles or "percebes," are a unique and expensive seafood delicacy. They have a distinct long and narrow neck and a tender, succulent meat with a rich, briny flavor that is similar to lobster or shrimp. These barnacles are typically harvested by hand and are enjoyed boiled or grilled with dipping sauces or lemon juice.  Goose Neck Barnacles are a prized delicacy for seafood enthusiasts who are looking for something unique and flavorful. Their distinct appearance and rich, briny flavor make them a truly unforgettable culinary experience.

Goose Neck Barnacles, also known as percebes, are a unique and highly sought-after delicacy in the seafood world. These strange-looking creatures are found clinging to rocks in the intertidal zone of the Atlantic coast, from Portugal to Norway, and are prized for their delicate flavor and unusual appearance.

In terms of appearance, Goose Neck Barnacles have a long, cylindrical stem with a bulbous, triangular head that resembles a bird's neck or a dinosaur's horn. The outer layer of the stem is covered in a tough, dark membrane that must be removed before cooking, revealing a tender, white flesh underneath.


Goose Neck Barnacles have a distinctive flavor that is often described as briny and slightly sweet, with a hint of iodine. They are typically prepared by boiling or steaming, and are often served with garlic butter or other flavorful sauces to enhance their natural flavor. Their unique appearance and delicate flavor make them a standout ingredient in any seafood dish.


Available in box of 3 kg

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