Packaging: BOX OF 2-3 KG X 5-7 PCS

The langoustine is a treasure of the seas, prized for its delicate flesh and subtly sweet flavor. Rigorously selected for freshness, our top-quality langoustine is a promise of seafood delights. 

Bright orange-red in color, Langoustine 's hard shell and powerful claws are a testament to its strength and vitality. Its flesh, with its firm, juicy texture, is a perfect balance of sweetness and character. 

On the palate, langoustine is a symphony of marine flavors. Its firm, delicate flesh reveals subtle aromas of the sea, with slightly sweet notes that evoke the freshness of the waters in which it evolves. Each bite is a delight, offering a juicy, crunchy texture that contrasts nicely with its crispy shell.

Langoustine is an exquisite dish that will appeal to the most discerning seafood lovers. Its unique flavor, combined with its incomparable freshness, makes it a must for gourmet tables.

History of Qwehli: 

Qwehli is a benchmark for top chefs and restaurants around the world offering a select range of premium seafood products. The company and its upscale, casual brand are changing the way chefs use seafood through direct sourcing, transparency, traceability, quality and taste.


Available in box of 2-3 KG X 5-7 PCS

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