Canadian Lobster

Canadian Lobster

Packaging: BOX OF 7 KG

Canadian lobster is a true delight of the sea, renowned for its tender flesh, delicate flavor and exceptional provenance. Hailing from the cold, crystal clear waters of Canada, this lobster is synonymous with quality and authenticity. At Classic Fine Foods, we offer you the finest Canadian lobster, harvested with respect for the environment and prepared to preserve all of its freshness and exquisite flavor.


Canadian lobster is distinguished by its bright red shell, characteristic of northern lobsters. Its large claws and prominent antennae add to its majestic appeal. Once cooked, its pearly white flesh reveals its delicate, appetizing texture.

When tasted, the Canadian lobster delights the palate with its flavorful, refined flesh. Its slightly sweet flavor, enhanced by delicate iodine notes, is reminiscent of the essence of the sea. Its tender, firm texture offers a melt-in-your-mouth, satisfying experience.

Fresh Canadian lobster lends itself beautifully to subtle, elegant flavor combinations. Citrus, such as lemon or tangerine, adds a tart note that delicately complements its natural sweetness. Or fresh herbs, such as tarragon or parsley, add a fresh, fragrant, aromatic touch. Flavored butters or creamy sauces sublimate its flavor without masking it.


Grilled lobster with lemon butter: Simplicity brings out the best in fresh Canadian lobster. Grilled and drizzled with lemon butter, it's served with crisp vegetables for a light, delicious meal.

Steamed Lobster: Steamed with aromatic herbs, Canadian lobster retains its authentic flavor and tender flesh.

Lobster Bisque: Its fragrant shell serves as the base for a creamy bisque that reveals all the exquisite flavor of Canadian lobster.


Available in different packaging and calibers.

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