Skate Wings

Skate Wings Skin Off

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Skate wings are a delicious and versatile type of fish. It has a delicate, slightly sweet flavor and unique texture. The meat of skate wings is firm and white, with a slightly sweet and delicate flavor. 

Skate wings are a type of fish that come from the family of cartilaginous fish. The meat of skate wings is firm and white, with a slightly sweet and delicate flavor that is similar to scallops. It has a unique texture that is both tender and slightly fibrous. It has a delicate flakiness that is retained when cooked properly. The Skate wings are caught in the northeast Atlantic. Skate wings are an intriguing and versatile product due to their unique flavor and texture. These wings don't have any skin, this makes them easier to prepare. It improves the texture of the fish, and allows chefs to control the intensity of the flavor.


Skate wings are a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of ways:

Pan-Fried: The delicate flesh of the skate wing makes it a great choice for pan-frying.

Grilled: The high heat of the grill caramelizes the flesh and gives it a delicious smoky flavor.

Poached: Skate wings can also be poached in a flavorful broth, such as a court bouillon or fish stock, until cooked through. 

Roasted: They can be roasted in the oven with herbs and vegetables for a delicious one-pan meal.

Sauteed: Skate wings can be quickly sauteed in a hot pan with garlic and olive oil for a simple yet flavorful dish.


Available in box of 3 kg. 

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