Canadian Lobster Head

Packaging: BOX OF 5 KG

Canadian Lobster Head, 5DO selection, for cooking preparation.

Fished from lobster traps on the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia coasts, our Canadian lobsters are supplied by our local partner. They are carefully packaged and kept in tanks to minimise their stress. Only the most fully developed and lively lobsters are sent to our Lorient workshop.

We import live lobsters every week in spring (May and June) and in winter (December) and we are particularly attentive to protein levels. The higher these are, the higher quality the lobster meat is. On arrival, they are once again kept in a tank so they can recuperate from their journey.

We then draw on our expertise by applying our own high pressure process to the product, a process which we have patented in France and Europe. After the high pressure process, the lobster meat is shelled manually. At no point is the product heated; the lobsters stay between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius at each step of the processing. The meat is frozen in a nitrogen tunnel which enables fast freezing. This technology is unparalleled in terms of preservation, and means our products have just the same qualities as the raw material.

The entire process starting with killing the lobsters (high pressure) to freezing them only takes around 30 minutes.


Data sheet

Product Family
Latin Name
Locustam marinam
Flavour is the same as if it were fresh
Specific Label