Blue Shrimps New Caladonian

Packaging: BOX OF 6 X 1 KG

Blue Shrimps New Caladonian. This is a frozen product.

An extremely rare species, Obsiblue is a delicate, naturally blue crustacean. Raised in the largest lagoon in the world, on the west coast of New Caledonia, Obsiblue benefits from real biodiversity and an exceptional environment, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its color is the reflection of the turquoise, pure and crystalline waters in which it grows.

To respect the natural growth of the species, the breeding method is ultra gentle and the harvest is artisanal. Its incomparable taste, soft, slightly sweet, and its soft raw flesh, firm and juicy when cooked, give it a length in the mouth and a sweet and salty sweetness particularly appreciated by chefs and connoisseurs. The finesse and softness of Obsiblue are particularly revealed raw, in the form of carpaccio, tartare or in a marinade.


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New Caledonian