Wheat Flour T65

Packaging: BOX OF 25 KG

Wheat Flour T65, METRO Chef selection.

Easy to work with: good absorption of liquids, the least sticky possible, flexible, stretchable. Good ability to rise without becoming porous: it must swell and retain its swelling.

Its physicochemical characteristics are tested in the laboratory. Its high baking qualities are measured by bread-making tests. Richer in fibers and nutrients than T55, without the addition of bean flour which artificially whitens the dough, T65 Breadmaking flour is intended for making leavened doughs. The proteins it contains form a network called gluten. Once stretched, it forms the thin flocks of the crumb which trap the gas cells necessary for the dough to swell.

Bakers use it for making bread, pastry chefs for pastries, pizzaïlos for the dough and its extensibility qualities and also caterers or restaurateurs in the kitchen and pastry.


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