Comte 8 Month AOP, Laetitia Gaborit selection.

Comte 8 Month AOP

Packaging: BOX OF 700 GR

Comte 8 Month AOP, Laetitia Gaborit selection.

Origin of the product: This Comte 8 Month AOP, large-sized cheese historically made it possible to store milk and feed humans during the long winters of the Jura Massif. Its production area extends over 3 departments which are Doubs, Jura and part of Ain. He is at the origin of the creation of fruit farms, a place where milk from different producers is united and gathered to make cheese. This milk comes exclusively from French Montbéliarde or Simmental cows.

History of the producer: For 5 generations, the Petite family has brought its sensitivity to the AOP Comté which it produces in traditional fruit trees. It is matured for a minimum of 8 months in temperate cellars including those of Granges Narboz. The AOP counties are the subject of special attention with a selection wheel to wheel meeting the specifications of the PDO. We find in this selection of Comté AOP a buttery paste, slightly ripe hazelnut. A fruity and gourmet taste, with aromas of dried fruits.

Selection of Laëtitia: A PDO Comté connoted pleasure and a choice of refining which gives it ease of tasting. I selected this cheese for its gourmet notes and the know-how of Marcel Petite. I wanted an AOP Comté with less refining, to enjoy it at any time of the day: as an aperitif, presented on a platter and even at breakfast. At each tasting, I want to go back, I never tire of it.


Data sheet

Max +8°C
Pressed and cooked
Dried fruits
Cow Milk
Specific Label
8 Month