Laguiole AOP, Laetitia Gaborit selection.

Laguiole AOP

Packaging: BOX OF 750 GR

Laguiole AOP, Laetitia Gaborit selection.

Origin of the Product: Laguiole AOP, originally from Aubrac, it is the cousin of Cantal AOP and Salers AOP according to the buronnière tradition. Created by monks, this cheese bears the same name as a village and an internationally renowned knife. Laguiole AOP can also be recognized by its marking of the bull on the rind, a symbol of its origin. The two breeds of cheesy and rustic cows are the French Aubrac and Simmental, adapted to the climate and altitude of the country.

History of the producer: Since the 1960s, La Coopérative Jeune Montagne has been working to safeguard the industry by keeping a strong attachment to tradition. One year later, the efforts of producers and cheesemakers were rewarded with the obtaining of AOC. Jeune Montagne is recognized for offering a working tool for solidarity to Aubrac dairy farms. Laguiole AOP is characterized by a supple and melting body with aromas of fresh hay and floral notes. The minimum maturing period of 10 months in the cellar reveals all the richness and aromatic diversity of the product.

Selection of Laëtitia: This cheese brings me back to when I passed the competition for the Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2007. During my cheese cutting test, I worked on this imposing cylinder. I appreciate it for its paste with lactic aromas and its melting texture. This product of character is in the image of its soil (harsh climate, wheel of about forty kilos, brown to yellow rind in relief).

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Data sheet

Between +2°C - +6°C
Pressed and raw
Fresh hay and floral
Cow Milk
Specific Label
10 Month