Trikalinos Bottarga

Trikalinos Bottarga

Packaging: PACK OF 200 GR

Trikalinos Bottarga by Kaviari is a premium delicacy with a unique and distinctive taste profile. The flavor is deeply savory with a briny, slightly salty taste that is balanced with a hint of sweetness.

Trikalinos Bottarga is produced exclusively from the eggs of the Mulet Lippu fish, recognized for their high quality. It is a premium delicacy with a unique and distinctive taste profile. Its flavor is deeply savory with a briny, slightly salty taste that is balanced with a hint of sweetness. The texture of the bottarga is firm and slightly chewy with a delicate, buttery finish that is both rich and flavorful. Trikalinos Bottarga's flavor profile is complex, with subtle hints of the sea and a nutty undertone. Its preparation is the result of balanced salting, without preservatives. The Boutargue is then wrapped in natural beeswax. It reveals a sublime delicacy, with a beautiful length in the mouth. 

History of Kaviari:

Kaviari is a French company specialized in the production and distribution of caviar and high-end seafood products. Founded over 40 years ago, it has become a reference in the world of gastronomy and luxury, supplying the best restaurants and hotels in France and around the world. Kaviari is committed to offering products of the highest quality, ensuring sustainability and traceability at every stage of production. It selects the best sturgeon, raises the fish in optimal conditions and uses traditional production techniques to guarantee the quality and flavor of its caviar. Kaviari also offers a wide range of seafood products such as smoked salmon, taramas and more, all produced with the same attention to detail and quality. Kaviari is known for its expertise, passion for seafood and commitment to sustainability, making it a must-have for those who love fine dining.


It is a sophisticated ingredient that can add depth and complexity to a variety of dishes. 

Grated over pasta dishes: Grate Trikalinos Bottarga over pasta dishes, such as spaghetti alle vongole or linguine with seafood, to add a burst of umami flavor.

As a topping for salads: Slice or grate Trikalinos Bottarga over a simple green salad or tomato and mozzarella salad to add a touch of luxury and sophistication.

As a garnish for seafood dishes: Use Trikalinos Bottarga as a garnish on top of grilled fish or shellfish to add a hint of salty richness.

In sauces: Grate Trikalinos Bottarga into sauces, such as aioli or mayonnaise, for a flavorful twist.


Available in pack of 200 gr

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