Oscietre Prestige Caviar

Oscietre Prestige Caviar

Packaging: BOX OF 100 GR

Oscietre Prestige caviar from Sturia melts delicately in the mouth and has an unrivaled chewiness. It emits floral, honey, and peach notes.

The Oscietre Prestige caviar is an exceptional caviar that is the result of Sturia's expertise as a breeder and selector. Its large grains are larger than 3 mm in diameter. Only 5% of the grains produced by Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii deserve this distinction!

Sturia Prestige Oscietre caviar has a velvety texture and large grains of more than 3 mm. It melts delicately in the mouth and has an unrivaled chewiness. Oscietre Prestige caviar has floral, honey, and peach notes. It is both complex and refined.

History of Sturia:

The company, which was founded 30 years ago near Bordeaux, produces about 18 tons of caviar each year that it sells worldwide. Caviar is produced according to traditional methods: grains are delicately sifted by hand, washed with clear water mixed with salt, then simply put into cans. The artisanal know-how used in the manufacture of this caviar allows the full expression of its nutty, balanced flavors. It is delicately salted in a "malossol" style, which results in an unequalled flavor and length in the mouth. The maturing process is then done naturally in their maturing room. Sturia has 8 different sites for sturgeon farming and caviar production: 7 aquaculture farms and a caviar processing plant. 


The Oscietre Grand Cru is so exceptional that tasting it is a unique moment. It deserves both a simple spoon tasting with Champagne as well as a complex association with the most subtlest courses.


Available in boxes of 100gr

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