Blue Belly Shrimp

Blue Belly Shrimp

Packaging: BOX OF 12 X 1 KG

The Blue Belly Shrimp is a culinary treasure from the richest, most pristine waters. Prized for its exquisite taste and remarkable beauty, this shrimp is a true delight for seafood lovers. Its name comes from the characteristic bluish hue of its belly, which gives it a natural elegance. With its delicate, flavorful flesh, this shrimp is carefully caught in accordance with sustainable fishing standards to conserve marine resources.

The Blue Belly Shrimp is a fascinatingly beautiful creature. It is distinguished by its elongated translucent body, which reveals bluish tones on its abdomen. Its generous size and slender legs give it a majestic appeal, while its shiny shell is a sign of impeccable freshness.

In the mouth, the Blue Belly Shrimp is a symphony of flavors. Its tender, delicate flesh is imbued with a subtle taste of the sea, revealing sweet nuances reminiscent of the salty waters in which it evolved. This perfect combination of flavors makes it a refined delicacy sought after by gourmets.

The texture of the Blue Belly Shrimp is also remarkable. Under the bite, it reveals a pleasant firmness that testifies to its freshness and the quality of its flesh. Whether eaten raw, grilled or fried, it retains this firm texture that adds an extra dimension to the eating experience.


Blue Belly Shrimp is a culinary gem that can be prepared in a variety of ways to satisfy all tastes. To preserve its delicate flavor, we recommend cooking it briefly, avoiding overcooking.

Steamed: preserves all its natural tenderness and flavor, ideal as an aperitif or as a main ingredient in fresh salads.

Grilled: reveals grilled aromas while maintaining its soft flesh, perfect for accompanying rice or pasta dishes.

Pan-fried: absorbs spices and seasonings, creating a colorful, flavorful dish.

Raw: a real treat for sashimi lovers, it can be enjoyed with a touch of soy sauce and wasabi.


Available in case of 12 X 1 KG. 

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