Live Pink Crayfish

Live Pink Crayfish

Packaging: BOX OF 6 KG

The Live Pink Crayfish, also known as the Freshwater Crayfish, is an aquatic treasure prized for its tender flesh and delicate flavor. With its orange-pink color and slender claws, this crayfish captivates seafood lovers around the world. 


The Live Pink Crayfish is characterized by its orange-pink coat and two large claws that give it an elegant appearance. With its elongated body and multiple legs, it moves easily in the fresh waters where it lives.

When tasted, the live pink crayfish delights the palate with its soft, tasty flesh. Its subtle, slightly sweet, delicately iodized flavor is reminiscent of the essence of rivers and lakes. Its tender, firm texture makes for a delicate yet pleasing experience in the mouth.

Live pink crayfish blends harmoniously with fine, delicate ingredients to sublimate its delicious aroma. These include citrus fruits such as oranges and limes, and fresh herbs such as tarragon and basil.


Grilled or pan fried: Live pink crayfish, grilled or pan-fried, offer a texture that's crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, highlighting their delicate flavor.

In salads: Peeled and tossed with fresh vegetables, Live Pink Crayfish add color and flavor to your salads for a refreshing taste experience.

In Sauce: Their fragrant meat is perfect for enhancing creamy or light sauces, adding a delicious touch to your dishes.


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Latin Name
palinurus mauritanicus