Whole Fillet of Smoked Trout

Whole Fillet of Smoked Trout

Packaging: BOX OF 6 X 150 GR

The whole fillet of smoked trout comes from trout that are raised in the heart of the Basque mountains and promptly processed after being caught to preserve its freshness. This exceptional product boasts a low fat content and is processed with great care. The trout is carefully selected and treated to ensure the highest quality and most delicious flavor possible.

The whole fillet of smoked trout comes from trout raised in the Basque mountains, and their exceptional quality is attributed to their low fat content and meticulous processing. The selection and processing of the trout are carefully done to ensure that the highest quality and flavor are achieved. This fillet is not sliced, that way it gives more freedom to prepare it exaclty the way you want. This whole Fillet of Smoked Trout is a tasty alternative to salmon, offering a flavorful addition to any meal. 

History of Onake: 

Onake is an artisanal smoked salmon producer based in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France. They specialize in smoking salmon using traditional methods, and they source their fish from sustainable and responsible fisheries. Onake offers a range of smoked salmon products, including whole fillets, sliced fillets, and gravlax. They also sell gift boxes and offer catering services.

As an artisanal producer, Onake likely places a strong emphasis on quality, taste, and presentation. They use beech wood to give their salmon a unique taste and texture. Chefs and seafood enthusiasts may appreciate Onake's emphasis on traditional methods and sustainable sourcing, as well as the potential for unique and high-quality products.


Available in box of 6 x 150 gr

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