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A flatfish belonging to the pleuronectidae family, brill is distinguished by its flattened body and camouflaged lifestyle on the ocean floor. Native to the cold, temperate waters of the Atlantic, Mediterranean and North Seas, our top-quality brill is carefully selected to guarantee incomparable freshness.


The brill is a flatfish with asymmetrical contours that allow it to lie on the seabed, with both eyes on the same side of the head. Its skin is smooth and shiny, generally brown in color, with lighter spots adding to its discreet charm. The brill is also characterized by its high, powerful dorsal fin, while the other side of its body is flat and devoid of scales.

In the mouth, brill has firm, tender flesh that flakes off easily. The taste is delicate, slightly sweet and subtly iodized, evoking the flavors of the sea. Its melt-in-the-mouth texture is a real treat for lovers of fine fish. Catfish is appreciated for its delicate aftertaste, reminiscent of the refined dishes of gourmet tables.

Catfish is an exceptional fish, prized both for its gustatory qualities and for its delicate appearance, which makes it an ideal choice for gourmet tables.


Steaming: to preserve its soft texture and delicate flavors without adding fat.

Oven: to preserve moisture while developing subtle aromas and a slight caramelization.

Plancha: to give brill a lightly grilled touch, highlighting its flesh while adding a crispy outer texture.

Court-bouillon: to enhance its flavors while preserving its delicate flesh.


Available in box of 2.5 KG

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