Huître Spéciale Gillardeau

Huître Spéciale Gillardeau

Packaging: BOX OF 2 KG

L' Huître Spéciale Gillardeau est le fruit d'un savoir-faire transmis de génération en génération, élevée dans un environnement attentif et riche en phytoplancton. Sa texture généreuse et sa saveur exceptionnelle en font d'elle une expérience gustative inoubliable. Profitez de ces délices de la mer et découvrez pourquoi les huîtres Gillardeau sont tant appréciées par les palais les plus exigeants.


The Gillardeau Special Oyster is world-renowned and featured on the finest gourmet tables. Raised according to strict rules handed down through 4 generations, their quality is influenced by salinity, currents, tides, plankton and water depth. For 3 to 4 years they are immersed in waters rich in phytoplankton, which is the basis of their diet. Their density is deliberately low to allow each oyster to feed abundantly and grow at its own pace.

During these years of cultivation, the Maison Gillardeau team pays close attention to every detail: cleaning, changing the bags, removing parasitic shells, and changing the oyster beds to ensure their development. No fewer than 60 manipulations are required for optimal growth.

Once harvested, Gillardeau oysters are rigorously sorted, cleaned and packaged. They are then ready to be enjoyed.

Discovering a Gillardeau Special Oyster is an experience in itself. The tough shell against a pearly background reveals generous, firm and evenly crunchy flesh. On the palate, it's an explosion of flavors, both smooth and sweet. Their habit of frequent immersion in water gives them firmness, so they open less quickly, retain their water and are better preserved once extracted from their natural environment. As a result, they can be enjoyed for up to eight days after packaging, or even two weeks if stored in a basket between 5 and 10°C.


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