From their pick-up at our partners to their safe arrival at our customers, all our exported products abide by the cold chain. Our logistics teams work in fully refrigerated warehouses.

By implementing good hygiene and traceability practices in operations, the fresh products received are thus checked and verified, then packed and protected in suitable boxes.


For more than 15 years, Kuehne & Nagel has been our transport and logistics partner.

We work together to ensure the cold chain is adhered to until delivery; reserving air and sea transport slots, managing operational logistics, and customs declarations.

The Rungis site of Kuehne & Nagel is :

  • 6500 M² dedicated to perishable products, at the cutting edge of technology (fresh, frozen and dry).
  • 22 doors for dockside delivery.
  • 1550 M² cold room: -25°C to +15°C with 120 M² dedicated to Seafood (0 / +3°C)
  • Open from 0:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m - 6/7 days a week
  • 18 200 Reefer TEUs in 2020  
  • Global network 8200 employees, and 1300 branches in 100 countries.


From order confirmation to delivery, your products will be delivered within 1 week by road in Europe, 10 days for large export by air and between 15 days and 2 months for large export by ship.


  • We select an assortment of ultra-fresh products and create a seasonal catalogue for your specific needs.

  • J0

    Order registration

  • J+1

    We order your products from our producers.

  • J+2 à J+4

    We receive and check each package to ensure quality products.

  • J+3 à J+5

    We offer you multilingual labels which meet your expectations and your legislation.

  • J+3 à J+6

    Our teams prepare your orders.

  • J+3 à J+6

    We collect export administrative documentation for your country and validate the procedures with the authorities.

  • J+7

    The orders are transported by plane, boat or truck by our freight forwarder service provider K&N.

  • J+8 (avion)
    J+15 à J+60 (bateau)

    You receive the products at their destination, coming from the airport or port.

  • * We can also take care of customs clearance formalities, and the last leg of the delivery.