1930 Cancale Flat Oyster - PSK

1930 Cancale Flat Oyster - PSK

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1930 Cancale Flat Oyster - PSK is a sought-after delicacy from Brittany, France, with a unique flat shape and dark, rough shell. Their pale meat has a firm, meaty texture and a complex, earthy flavor that is prized by seafood enthusiasts. Belon oysters are considered one of the most flavorful varieties of oysters available and are often served raw on the half shell.


1930 Cancale Flat Oyster - PSK also called "Belon" flat oyster. The name “Belon” comes from a river in Finistère which gave its name to flat oysters. Today the appellation concerns all Breton flat oysters.

It is a rounded oyster with firm, white flesh, tinged with gray or brown. Consumed both raw and hot, 1930 Cancale Flat Oyster - PSK has a unique and particular nutty flavor. Very fine in mouth, it is an exceptional dish.

History of Parcs Saint-Kerber:

Parcs Saint-Kerber is a French oyster farm located in Cancale, Brittany. They are known for their high-quality oysters that have won numerous awards, including gold medals for their Fine Saint Kerber and Tsarskaya oysters in 2017. They also have a range of organic oysters that are fully traceable and sustainably managed. Maison Saint Kerber is committed to respecting the environment and reducing waste.


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