Farmed Arctic Char

Farmed Arctic Char

Packaging: BOX OF 3 KG

Farmed Arctic Char from Charles Murgat is an exceptional fish. Its char is often described as rich and buttery, with a slightly sweet and delicate flavor.


Farmed Arctic char from the fish farm Charles Murgat is a beautiful fish with a distinctive appearance. It has a silvery-blue skin with iridescent hues that can range from pink to orange on the belly and lower fins. The fish has a long, slender body with small scales, and its flesh is usually a light pink or pale orange color. The taste of farmed Arctic char is often described as rich and buttery, with a slightly sweet and delicate flavor. It has a firm, flaky texture and is similar in taste and texture to salmon, although some people say it has a milder flavor. Its flavor can be enhanced by seasoning it with herbs and spices such as dill, lemon, garlic, or black pepper. 

History of Charles Murgat: 

Charles Murgat is a fish farm with a rich history that dates back to 1898. The farm has been passed down through the family and has evolved with the times. The farm places great emphasis on the comfort and well-being of their fish, and their team of passionate individuals works hard to maintain high standards. The farm sources its water from natural springs and ensures the water is of optimal quality for its fish. The company values environmental protection and sustainability, conducting research, and collaborating with organizations such as INRA and IFREMER. They are also the first fish farm to offer tidal packaging made of recyclable cardboard.


Available in different calibers and weight. 

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