Carabineros XL

Carabineros XL

Packaging: BOX OF 6 X 15-20 PCS

Carabineros XL are jewels of the sea, renowned for their impressive size, brilliant color and exquisite flavor. Native to the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, these giant shrimps are among the most sought-after by seafood lovers the world over.

Carabineros XL are exceptional shrimp distinguished from their cousins by three small horns on their heads. They can grow to sizes that no other shrimp reaches. They are unique for the firmness and crunchiness of their flesh, their taste is very salty and slightly spicy, and their scarlet red color is simply splendid. Carabineros XL are frozen "on board" within 30 minutes of harvesting, to guarantee their freshness.

Our Carabineros are caught in the area around Huelva, a land of fishermen by tradition and the benefit of a unique know-how that has made this scarlet jewel internationally renowned. The salinity of Mediterranean waters allows its distinctive aromas to develop, making our shrimp the best in its category.

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Available in box of 6 X 15-20 PCS

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Plesiopenaeus edwardsianus