King Salmon

King Salmon Trim D

Packaging: BOX OF 1,2 KG X 10 PCS

King Salmon is a culinary marvel from cold, crystal-clear waters. Thanks to its delicate flavor and melting flesh, this royal salmon is a true taste experience that will delight seafood lovers.

This king salmon is composed of different parts of the king salmon, carefully chosen to guarantee incomparable freshness and the most delicate texture. With its characteristic color and subtle taste, this selection of king salmon pieces is an invitation to an exceptional gustatory journey.

Our king salmon is raised in near-wild conditions on one of New Zealand's few farms with the "Best Aquaculture Practices" label. It spent its first year in the crystal-clear waters of Te Waikoropupu springs, then a second year in the waters of the Marlborough Sounds.

King salmon is tinged with the pink characteristic of this noble fish. Its flesh is both firm and melting, with delicate nuances reminiscent of the pure waters in which king salmon evolve. Its subtle taste is slightly sweet, creating a balanced and delicate eating experience.

History of Qwehli: 

Qwehli is a benchmark for top chefs and restaurants around the world offering a select range of premium seafood products. The company and its upscale, casual brand are changing the way chefs use seafood through direct sourcing, transparency, traceability, quality and taste.


Available in box of 1,2 KG X 10 PCS

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