Patagonian Toothfish

Patagonian Toothfish

Packaging: BOX OF 1,5-2 KG X 10 PCS

The Patagonian toothfish, also known as "Chilodactylus brachydactylus", is a treasure of the cold waters of the South Atlantic Ocean. This exceptional fish, prized for its delicate, flavorful flesh, is the jewel of the southern seas. 

The Patagonian toothfish is an elegant, graceful fish with a distinctive appearance. Its body is elongated, with smooth skin and silvery scales that give it a striking sheen. Its dorsal and anal fins are long and distinctive, adding to its aquatic charm.

In the mouth, Patagonian toothfish reveals all its delicacy. Its flesh is both tender and firm, offering a pleasant texture that melts in the mouth. Its refined taste evokes the pure waters of its habitat, with slightly sweet notes that testify to its freshness and exceptional quality. Each bite is a subtle balance of flavors that will delight even the most discerning palate.

Patagonian toothfish is an exceptional fish, sought after for its delicate flavor and refined taste profile. Its incomparable quality makes it an exceptional delicacy, appreciated by seafood connoisseurs.

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Available in box of 1,5-2 KG X 10 PCS

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Butter almond
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