Mackerel Fillet

Mackerel Fillet

Packaging: BOX OF 5 X 30-40 PCS

Mackerel fillet is a treasure of the seas, prized for its flavorful flesh, nutritional value and inimitable taste. A prolific pelagic fish, mackerel is abundant in cold and temperate waters, making it the product of choice for seafood lovers.  Its firm yet soft flesh offers a delicate texture on the palate. 

On the palate, mackerel fillet reveals its rich, distinctive flavor. Its firm, soft flesh offers a delicate texture that lends itself to a wide range of culinary preparations. Its flavor is both pronounced and balanced, with slightly full-bodied notes reminiscent of its marine origins. Mackerel is also appreciated for its subtle aftertaste, which gives it its authenticity.

Mackerel fillet is a delicious dish, prized by lovers of richly flavored fish. In addition to its gustatory qualities, it is an excellent source of omega-3, essential fatty acids and vitamins, making it a healthy and nutritious choice.

Mackerel is a graceful fish with a distinctive appearance. Its skin is covered with silvery scales, while its flanks are adorned with dark lines that give it an elegant appearance. Its fillets are fleshy and range in color from pale pink to pearly white.

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Qwehli is a benchmark for top chefs and restaurants around the world offering a select range of premium seafood products. The company and its upscale, casual brand are changing the way chefs use seafood through direct sourcing, transparency, traceability, quality and taste.


Available in box of 5 X 30-40 PCS

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