Bouzigues Oyster - Cadoret

Bouzigues Oyster - Cadoret

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Bouzigues Oyster - Cadoret are a prized delicacy cultivated in the Etang de Thau, southern France. They have a deep-cupped shell and plump, meaty flesh with a briny, slightly sweet flavor. High in nutrition, they are traditionally grown on ropes in the nutrient-rich lagoon waters. These oysters are a must-try for seafood lovers.


Bouzigues Oyster - Cadoret are a type of French oyster that are cultivated in the Etang de Thau, a saltwater lagoon located in the Occitanie region of southern France. These oysters have a unique flavor that is influenced by the briny waters of the lagoon and the algae that they feed on.

Bouzigues Oyster - Cadoret are known for their distinctive deep-cupped shell and plump, meaty flesh. They have a briny, slightly sweet flavor and a clean finish that is prized by oyster enthusiasts. 

The cultivation of Bouzigues oysters is a traditional practice that has been passed down through generations of oyster farmers in the region. The oysters are raised on ropes that are suspended in the lagoon, allowing them to feed on the nutrient-rich waters and grow to maturity. The oyster farmers carefully tend to the oysters, regularly cleaning and turning them to ensure that they develop properly.

They are a favorite among seafood lovers who appreciate their unique flavor and the traditional methods used to cultivate them.


They are often enjoyed raw, served on the half-shell with a squeeze of lemon or a mignonette sauce.


Available in different calibers and weight.

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