Speciale Pink Oyster - Tarbouriech

Speciale Pink Oyster - Tarbouriech

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Speciale Pink Oyster - Tarbouriech is a specific type of oyster that is grown using a unique farming method called the "upweller" system. The oysters have a distinctive pink color and a meaty texture, with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor and a briny finish.


Speciale Pink Oyster - Tarbouriech is a specific type of oyster that is grown using a unique farming method developed by the company. The oysters are grown in bags that are hung from ropes in the water, allowing them to be suspended in the water column and access the nutrient-rich upper layers of the lagoon. This farming technique, called the "upweller" system, is designed to improve the oysters' growth rate and flavor profile.

The Tarbouriech Speciale oysters are known for their distinctive pink color, which is the result of the oysters' diet and the unique growing conditions in the Etang de Thau. The oysters have a meaty texture and a slightly sweet, nutty flavor, with a briny finish. The Speciale Pink Oyster - Tarbouriech is typically ready for harvest after 24 months of growth.

History of Tarbouriech: 

Tarbouriech is a French company that specializes in oyster farming and production. The company is located in the South of France, in the region of Languedoc, where they farm oysters in the Etang de Thau, a large coastal lagoon known for its exceptional water quality. Tarbouriech produces a variety of oysters, including the famous "Tarbouriech Speciale", which is a high-quality oyster that is known for its unique flavor and texture. The company uses innovative and sustainable farming methods, including their patented "upweller" technology, which ensures the oysters grow in a nutrient-rich environment.


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