Seabass Fillet

Seabass Fillet

Packaging: BOX OF 5 KG X 30-40 PCS

Indulge in the exquisite Seabass Fillet, a culinary masterpiece hailing from pristine waters. Renowned for its delicate flavor and versatility, this fillet captures the essence of the sea. At Classic Fine Foods, we bring you the finest Seabass Fillets, meticulously selected to ensure unmatched taste and quality.

This Seabass Fillet is a visual delight, adorned with a shimmering silver skin that hints at its oceanic origin. Its pure white flesh is firm and succulent, promising a satisfying culinary experience. Its size and uniform shape make it an ideal canvas for various preparations. 

Savor the Seabass Fillet's refined taste that mirrors the purity of the sea. Its flavor is delicate yet distinctive, marked by a gentle sweetness harmonizing with a subtle brininess. Its texture is a perfect balance of tenderness and flakiness, offering a luxurious melt-in-the-mouth sensation.

The Seabass Fillet lends itself harmoniously to diverse ingredients, enhancing its natural taste. Bright citrus notes, such as orange or grapefruit, complement its subtle sweetness. Aromatic herbs like thyme or rosemary infuse an earthy depth. Light sauces, like beurre blanc or lemon butter, enhance its flavors without overwhelming them.

History of Qwehli: 

Qwehli is a benchmark for top chefs and restaurants around the world offering a select range of premium seafood products. The company and its upscale, casual brand are changing the way chefs use seafood through direct sourcing, transparency, traceability, quality and taste.


Available in box of 5 KG X 30-40 PCS

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Dicentrarchus labrax