Brown/Edible Crab

Brown/Edible Crab

Packaging: BOX OF 3 KG

The Brown/Edible Crab, also known as Dungeness or blue crab, is a true treasure of the oceans. Known for its delicate, soft and flavorful meat, the Brown/Edible Crab is an essential part of any gourmet meal. Its responsible fishing and careful farming make it an ethical choice for seafood lovers concerned about preserving marine resources.


The Brown/Edible Crab has a rounded body, characterized by its blue-gray color and strong claws. Its fine, white flesh is particularly appreciated for its sweet, delicate flavor, reminiscent of the subtle taste of seafood. he firm, juicy texture offers a tender, refined experience in the mouth. The crab's powerful claws hold the meat in abundance, while the legs contain delicate crumbs of meat.

It's a quality product that is prized in high-end restaurants and fish markets. Edible crab is a true delicacy of the sea, offering tender, tasty meat that will delight the most demanding palates. Its simple preparation makes it easy to enjoy as a starter or main course. Discover the gustatory treasure that is the crab and let yourself be seduced by its subtle and refined taste. 


Crab can be eaten fresh, simply steamed or boiled and then served with a lemon sauce or mayonnaise. Its delicious meat is easy to remove from the claws and legs, making it easy to eat.


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