Blue Lobster Tail Shell

Packaging: BOX OF 240-300 GR

Blue Lobster Tail Shell, 5DO selection.

Solitary and somewhat of a brawler, the personality of the European lobster is at odds with the pleasure it gives chefs and their guests. Fished from the rock-filled waters of the Breton, Scottish, Welsh and Irish coasts, it is known for its mild briny taste with a touch of sweetness and its pearly, firm and crisp flesh.

European lobster populations have been improving year on year thanks to extremely strict fishing regulations. These require fishermen to release females with roe across the majority of fishing zones (Ireland, Wales and Scotland) and to only fish lobsters with a minimum carapace size of 87 cm. Even though European lobster fisheries are not yet Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified, they are organisationally geared towards preserving the population.

In season, from May to October, our suppliers deliver lobsters that have been freshly caught in traps. Live lobsters are purified in our ponds and then processed at high pressure in order to strip the raw meat off the carapace.

Lobsters are then either frozen whole, cut in half, or carefully shelled raw by hand. Cryogenic deep freeze then is used to conserve this exceptional product so that it retains all the sensory qualities of a freshly caught lobster. The whole process, between the moment the lobster enters the high pressure device to the moment it is vacuum-packed, takes 30 minutes. The temperature of the product is monitored at each stage to provide the chef with a unique experience.


Data sheet

Product Family
Latin Name
Locustam marinam
Flavour is the same as if it were fresh